Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Random tot for amazing business

Was chatting with a random guy on a site and suddently he saying I need sex so I can go to sleep. Bah emang gw apa sex agency??? Teruss I told him I just don't understand what de fuck u doing in a dating site... Only desperado will use dating site to look for sex at 5 in the morning. Go google free sex online instead dumb ass :) hehehe stupid ya.. Anyway this not the first time I get this crap jadi gw uda lali handle this kind of craps. And suddently * tinggg* I got an idea of making a website, and I will name it *lagi mikir which is nicer*
1) INeedSexNow.com
2) Bootycall.com
3) DoYouWannaBMyDoorMat.com
4) CumNow.com

Hah!! I know u be saying OMG that what lili is. But let me tell you this is a good business ok *hmmph - jeling*
so anyone wanna join venture wanna make my dream come true contact me ;)


  1. Oh my lili..this is why gw bilangu terlalu honest..hahahaha..btw, if i've to vote..gonna be the first one.

  2. i vote for the second one!! HAHA ;D

  3. Ahhahah elll I'm not honest just straight forward I wear my feeling and tot on my sleeves. Lazy lah wanna censor censor what I have to say and think. Terserah lah what they wanna think about me. Atleast they are thinking about what I'm saying.

    Btw I like the no. 1 and the last one heh heh heh *tawa evil*

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