Friday, June 25, 2010

Raindrops = lemon drops & gumdrops

If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops?
Oh what a rain that could be.
Standing outside with my mouth open wide
If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops?
Oh what a rain that could be.

Can't stop thinking if only I'm on my bed tucking in my big comforter ahhh nikmatnya friday ku.
Oh btw it already 1015 and I'm still not in the office. Cialat !!

Fashion Chronicles Project #3 - Kotak

Sip... Sorry ya kinda late post for my 3rd theme, maklum gw lagi sibuk; demam world cup dut hehe. Neh, just been busy catching up and chilling with my friends. Lagian gw mikir terus buat theme kotak2, what the hell am I suppose to wear, where else there ain't a single chekered 'soul' in my wardrobe. Tot I should skip this..(well tot aja ya) untill iDut (eL I think I give this cyber name for you lah easier) shouted..."Liii, mana kotak2 lu. Udah post belum?" Errr...
anyway spontaneous reaction and without hanggling my own tot, here's what I come out with....

Kotak - Kotak

Sebenarnya mau si gw cuma pake baju dalam aja and wear just the kotak but ya udah lah ya nanti takut viewer might sue me kerna pengsan liat body gw yang "bergetar"....huhuhu

Kotak - Priceless

Ok lah sampe ke theme ke 4, apa ya pita pita ya.... *scratch head*

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Singapore flash flood at Orchard & random tots


I should be talking bout the flash flood in orchard but believing if there 500,000 bloggers in Singapore sure 350,000 of them will blog about the incident so let's forget about that incident. Here's the video.. it's edited with nice house music ;)


Anyway all I can of right now is the sardine with cili padi n bawang eat with roti... Haiz masa masa hujan gini lapar la pulak.
Ps: forget to take the picture but this is how the sardine look like... well somewhere along this line lah ya...


Now in the bus thinking of buying nail polish making weird design but haven't gaji so cannot.

Sometime I wonder why I can't just think of one think and focus why do I have many all this small random tot which try to make me tired but it not working. And now I'm thinking why I amm super talkative today - must be because Elrica is not in Singapore to entertain me or talk to me at work hmph I guess that the reason. Haiz so slow Saturday wanna come eh. (oh btw el I don't know why yach now a days yach lagi lagi masa masa gw udah mau pergi 10000miles away from you I feel I got alot to talk ler. Haiz)

Oh well I go sleep first lah, one hour bus journey better sleep.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Random tot for amazing business

Was chatting with a random guy on a site and suddently he saying I need sex so I can go to sleep. Bah emang gw apa sex agency??? Teruss I told him I just don't understand what de fuck u doing in a dating site... Only desperado will use dating site to look for sex at 5 in the morning. Go google free sex online instead dumb ass :) hehehe stupid ya.. Anyway this not the first time I get this crap jadi gw uda lali handle this kind of craps. And suddently * tinggg* I got an idea of making a website, and I will name it *lagi mikir which is nicer*

Hah!! I know u be saying OMG that what lili is. But let me tell you this is a good business ok *hmmph - jeling*
so anyone wanna join venture wanna make my dream come true contact me ;)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fashion Chronicles Project #2 - STRIPE

After being ask by pinkbuble berkali2 akhirnya I agreed to join the fashion chronicle, not that I don't love dressing up hah if u know me I'm the miss prefect I want everything to be prefect from head to toe - don't believe ask pinbuble she knows me best. She the one who have to wait for me finish dressing up every time when we have a date. I tell u even a simple lunch date take me like forever.

Anyway let's not drift away here's my outfit for the second challenge - STRIPE.

Since I'm not a fan of stripe don't have much choice therefore end up with this baju guni material, ppl says I look like Jacob's wife wearing them. Thus, all the accessories to make it more Rasta & more ME.

Dress - ITC, Jakarta
Head Scarf - Far East *actually suppose to be a table runner*
Bag, Slipper, Bangles - Bali


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Letter to God

Hatiku gunda gulana, ga tenteram, otak ku berkeceramuk ga tau apa yg harus ku fikirkan. Kenapa; ada apa; mengapa; semuanya, bisa jadi gila gw kalo bweterusan begini. Ya tuhan tenangkan lah hatiku tenangkan lah pikiranku. Apa kah semua ini balasan terhadap semua kelakuanku masa lampau. 

Ya Allah seandainya memang ini ujianMu Ya Allah aku redha. Cuma satu pinta hambaMu ini Ya Allah berikan ku kekuatan dan semangat untuk menempuhi segalanya dengan penuh ketabahan. Berikanlah sedikit cerpihan sinaran NurMu untuk menyinari hidupku serta tunjukanku jalan kuar semua ini. Ya Allah, aku mohon dng sangat Ya Allah aku mohon dngan sangat. Amin Ya rabbal alamin. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Malam yang indah

Lu tau kan gw mau ke kl nah seriously never did I tot I would travel to kl alone. Alone buuuuuu somehow I love the feeling of being able to do it.

Eke lagi dlm bus ni well first time taking first class bus from Transtar, lagi looking out the window abd remebered el asking me how u feeling about the trip ?? - that was during the lunch break and basically all I say biasa biasa Aja nothing special but somehow now I'm super excited don't know why perhaps the reason of travelling alone or meeting someone there? - I wonder :) well I have alot to say buti guess let me just enjoy this moment and continue smiling to myself. Haaaa nikmatnya bisa berkhayal. Cauuu