Monday, July 5, 2010

Fashion Chronicles Project #5 - Sooo You

Aloo ok I'm back.. Anyway about that pita post sorry ehh I got to pass on that theme first.. well lili and pita is like good virus and antibiotic... ga nyambung

Here's my photo of soooo me I loike de theme, thou it confusing cos I have alot of 'me' look but guess here the recent one... sorry didnt take many pictures of this outfit.. So well take a look...
(Ps: Love goofing around with my babes..)

Top - Dorothy Perkin
Skirt/ Tube dress : Give from Ate...
Head Scarf / Shawl - Cotton On.
Bag, Slipper, Bangles - Bali

That's plus size fashion for you ;)


  1. gbr elrica horor banget tu hahahaha~
    Li, lu selalu pake slipper ya??
    Eh entah kenapa ya... gw ngerasa lu cocok banget ama segala sesuatu yg berwarna emas buat aksesoris :) apa itu cuma perasaan gw ya :)

  2. nge: anyway iya gw senang pake slippers (surfer at heart always wear slippers) guess it suit me best... ;0) cant imagine me wearing others... paya..