Monday, July 5, 2010

"O Rainbow, Rainbow! Wherefore art thou Rainbow?"

Ni anak Lolo harus di gigit.. choose theme tapi ga di post picturenya...

And since she choose me *thanks ya lolo - for making me crack my brain* I wanted this theme call Jamaican.. make you guys think and be out from your comfort zone.. but kasian deh .. I change the theme to "O Rainbow, Rainbow! Wherefore art thou Rainbow?"

So yesh... give me all the colors of the rainbow in one outfit... Let me see your colorful personality.. lets rock this runway with the colors of rainbow..



  1. ampir gw pingsan klo lu minta jamaican style Li hahahaha...
    Rainbow??..susah uiii soalnya gw bukan tipe warna-warni, but i'll try my best ;)

  2. hahhahaa..iya lii..maap..blom smpet post foto abis sibukk..bnernya gw jg smpe ga enak ati sendiri.. but i chose u lohh abis itu ( ga ada hubungannya) hahha..thought of jamaica theme..that will be incredibly hard!! semua org bkal brubah rambutnya jadi kyk bob marley hahha.. hopefully i can post 2 pics this weekk >.<

  3. |o|o ku .. ya i cant imagine that jaimacan style on u guys but it would be fun to do huh.. anyway hope to see the pictures rolling... :) Rainbow.. Rainbow...